Our Vision

A vision which was inspired by our founder and implemented 20 years later. It is paramount for us to help you or your children gain the best grades at every level of their Primary or Secondary education.

Our Pride

Al-Bashir Academy takes pride in the work they do. We have demonstrated this in the few years we have been open and will continue to do this in the future. We have been able to help all of our students gain their predicted grades, or higher, by our dedicated staff ensuring teaching is delivered to an outstanding level.

Our Classes

To ensure that all our students achieve the very best, during their time here we keep our class sizes relatively small compared to school class sizes. However we still keep the level of discipline and quality of teaching to the highest standards, ensuring students are motivated to acquire the best results.

Your Potential

We believe every person has the potential to achieve whatever they desire, regardless of their current performance. We provide everyone with the tools needed to make progress and leave the onus on you to make that positive change. This change makes way for success stories for all of our students and alumni.